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We are at 83 % of our goal with 38% participation

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SMV Weekend Mass Times : Saturday: 5 p.m. / Sunday 9 a.m. & 11a.m.SMV Weekday Mass Times:  Tue, Thu, Fri: 8 a.m. / Wed: 9 am


Introducing our New
Family Catechesis  & Religious Education Program
Coming this Fall


Rodzinka means "little family" in Polish and it was the name that Saint John Paul the Great used for a group that studied the faith together. Today, Rodzinka is a ministry that strives to foster faithful families through prayer, growth in virtue, and Catechesis.
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 St. Mary's Visitation Catholic School

St. Mary's Visitation is proud to offer preschool through 6th Grade Catholic Elementary Education.  Combining high academic standards with faith-centered teaching, every class is filled with the values of a quality Christian education.




Adoration Schedule

SMV will have Adoration every Thursday from 6 am-11pm
(Occasionally Adoration could be interrupted for other church services. Please check here for those notices.)

Adoration Schedule

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About the Institute of Missionary Discipleship

The Diocese of Kalamazoo is proud to provide learning opportunities for all parishioners in the diocese. The Institute of Missionary Discipleship is a new offering by the Diocese of Kalamazoo to assist Bishop Bradley in promoting the Diocesan Priorities as well as providing training for those who would like to be a missionary disciple in their own parish.  For those who serve their parish in many ways, there are educational opportunities that are ministry specific.  There are also options for those who want to strengthen and share their faith with others.  For more information click the logo above or go to

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