From Holland:  Take 16th St. East (turns into Adams St.) for 15.5 miles; turn South on 8th Ave. (turns into 26th St.) for 2 miles; turn East on 146th Ave. for .7  miles; SMV is on the  North side.


From Grand Rapids:  Take US 131 South; turn West on 100th St (exit 72) for 5 miles; turn South on Wilson (turns into 22nd St.) for 2 miles; turn West on 146th Ave. for 1.3 miles. SMV is on North Side.


From Kalamazoo: Take US 131 North to exit 68, Dorr/Moline; turn West on 142nd Ave for 6.6 miles; turn North on 26th St. for 2 miles; turn East on 146th Ave for .7 miles; SMV is on the North Side.