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Located in Northern Allegan County, Michigan, St. Mary’s Visitation Church is perched majestically upon a hill. It is surrounded, as it has been for almost 100 years, by rolling farmland and a rural personality. More than a century ago, the New Salem area was settled by German immigrant farmers who established St. Mary’s Church in 1866.

  • In 1908 using volunteer labor and making the blocks one-by-one on site, they laid the cornerstone of the present-day building.
  • In 1981,St. Mary’s merged with Visitation Church of North Dorr, about 2 miles northeast, and became St. Mary’s Visitation (SMV).
  • In 1989, a long-awaited dream was realized with the completion of a seven-classroom school. Offering preschool through 6th grade, SMV is an accredited school and works closely with Hopkins Public School district to ensure that the children receive a well-rounded education.
  • In addition to formal education, SMV is committed to enriching the faith of both children and adults through our CCD, Youth Group & RCIA programs, and also our Sunday & Wednesday bible studies.
  • Our beautiful church was renovated in 2003 inside and out and air- conditioning was added. We have also improved our handicap access.





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Humble Beginnings


SMV Under Construction

Cornerstone laid 1908

Blocks constructed one-by one on site by hardworking German Immagrant farmers